Our experienced production employees transform drawings into lifting-crane systems

  • In our dedicated factory, designed to produce in an efficient workflow, our high quality and liable lifting-cranes and equipment solutions are being realized.  We as lootahlemmens are having our GCC oriented factory in the new industrial zone AL Thoub in the Umm All Quain UAE.
  • Yes we are ISO certified since the early start, LemmensCraneSystems ISO certified since 1994.
  • We produce our wide range of lifting solutions according to agreed drawings and valid regulations, because industrial lifting equipment can be a dangerous tool.
  • Dangerous tools need to be produced according to regulations with dedicated testing and certification procedures.
  • The returning basic part from our products is the BOX-Girder, who will be produced according the established and proven technology from LemmensCraneSystems based on STRESS FREE welding and using the welding heat input to bring the girder into the required shape, ready for his long lasting task.

Work Flow

  • Girder plate assembly and welding
  • End carriages production, including wheel alignment.
  • Mechanical Assembly of the crane bridge.
  • Hoist-Crab assembly and marriage with the bridge.
  • Electrical Assembly of Crane.
  • Disassembly for sandblasting and painting.
  • Assembly from the end product ready for FAT, customer acceptance.
  • Again disassembly into transport ready pieces, to be ready to load on trucks or into containers.

Modern Work Environment

Experienced floor personnel use the latest machinery to produce a wide range of lifting and transport systems.

Production Facilities

In our State of the Art facilities in Europe, Dubai and Russia, we produce a wide range of lifting and transport system.

Mechanical Assembly

We transform your ideas into actual operating equipment. We assure that your plant site will always benefit from the best equipment.

Electrical Assembly

The switchboards and other electrical accessories required to control the operations of these installations come from our in-house electrical workshops with the usual quality assurances.

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