Once our fully equipped mobile teams are started with an assignment, They continue until the customer is completely satisfied.

  • Inside www.LootahLemmens.com we are focussing on service, repairs and maintenance, just by following the example given by www.lemmensCraneSystem.com since 1969. Our experienced specialists will inspect and certify your new and existing lifting installations.
  • We respond promptly to your service and breakdown calls which allows you to have uninterrupted production and smoothen your operations. We also offer preventive maintenance contracts to minimize the down time of your lifting-crane equipment.
  • We have our independent Erection – maintenance and After Sales teams who are taking care of the installation, service and maintenance of your cranes. All fast moving Spare parts are available off the shelf.

Complete Installation

Once we begin an assignment, we continue to work on it until you are completely satisfied.

Professional Teamwork

Our wide experience enables us to tie up with the most appropriate solutions to meet your requirements.

Final Assembly

The final product is exactly what you requested and is designed to optimize production in your company.

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