At your service – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Always stand by for your maintenance or break down requests

  • Inside we are focussing on service, repairs and maintenance, just by following the example given by since 1969. Our experienced specialists will inspect and certify your new and existing lifting installations.
  • We respond promptly to your service and breakdown calls which allows you to have uninterrupted production and smoothen your operations. We also offer preventive maintenance contracts to minimize the down time of your lifting-crane equipment.
  • We have our independent Erection – maintenance and After Sales teams who are taking care of the installation, service and maintenance of your cranes. All fast moving Spare parts are available off the shelf.

Special for our customers

  • Our After sales Department also undertakes the jobs of retrofitting the parts of our cranes in Cranes of other brands to make repairs cost effective. In other words we can undertake the re-engineering of all crane component brands by using our components in Cranes of other brands. Re-design the existing girder to be utilized for longer spans or heavy usage can be done by our engineers if our customer wants/needs.
  • Only professional service is good enough for our worldwide customers which we will give, direct, quick and to the point, with as AIM to solve the problem forever.
  • You can contact us for your service needs at any of the nearest offices mentioned in contacts.

Operational 24/7

Failures can be reduced to a minimum by carrying out preventive maintenance of your equipment.

Maintenance Service

Our experienced and well trained service division, with qualified service engineers is the guarantee for maintaining functionality.

Always Standby

Our specialist service desk, which can be contacted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, is always open for your maintenance requests.

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